Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 Tips on Taking Panoramic Photos

A good panoramic shot captures a landscape like nothing else, not to mention they look killer on the wall (on one of our new panoramic sized canvases!). Think beaches, marinas, stadiums, city skylines, bridges, harbours and mountains. Basically any location with an unobstructed wide angle view will make for awesome panorama photography. And if you're going to do something you might as well do it right - If you wana shoot panoramic photos like a pro check out these 5 photography tips:

1 Focus. It's a good idea to practice using manual focus and focus at hyper focal distance. This will also make things easier during the stitching process. Make sure you have a good focal length, if you cut things too short you might be lacking the pixels you need when it comes to the crunch.

2. Stay away from the polarizer! This is really only a massive deal if there is heaps of blue sky area in your photo. I know it makes everything look cool/vibrant/beautiful but it can also make the tone of the sky really uneven and create noise. It's easier to just leave it and then touch that sucker up in Photoshop!

3. Overlap. Don't be shy with the overlap. Aim to have at least 20-30% overlap between shots. Sometime less is fine but our advice is to experiment with your particular camera to find the sweet spot of overlap.

4. If you don't have a tripod, make sure you practise good hand holding techniques.

5. Be careful with meter and exposure. Make sure you scan the whole area that you want to use in the photo to see what the exposure reading is. If it's drastically different from section to section maybe pop back later when the lighting has settled down a bit! Otherwise you may find yourself choosing between shadows and highlights.  

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