Monday, May 20, 2013

Get Better At Life With Pixelpaint

Every so often, we humans have a moment of genius.

For example, the moment someone figured out rubbing the unsightly chip in your wooden coffee table with a walnut hides that little sucker like magic.

What were they doing rubbing their nuts on the coffee table? Who cares!

We call these moments of divine discovery 'life hacks' and we wanted to share some of our favourites with you below...

We hope they change your life forever!

Love, The Pixelpaint Crew.

Ant says: "You spend all summer wearing in your jandals, only to have the strap pop out while you're chasing away a suspicious looking dog. This was my reoccurring nightmare until I discovered I could turn back time with a plastic bread bag tag. If the strap pops out of the sole, put it back in and secure it on the bottom with a bread bag tag. Works a treat."
Emma says: "When my fresh herbs wilt and die ahead of schedule it makes me want to punch someone. Luckily for my friends and family I discovered they'll (almost) live forever if I chop 'em up, distribute them into ice cube trays, and covering them with olive oil. They freeze beautifully, are ideal for cooking with, and all the prep is done!"
Kyle says: "One of the most emotionally scarring experiences for a young man is the day the pulley thing on his zipper breaks, leaving his manhood exposed to his fellow bros. If this happens to you, grab your keying, remove the keys and attach the ring to your pulley-less zipper. Just make sure you tuck your junk away first"
Nayte says: "If you like the sound of a refreshing twist for your next beverage, or you just want to impress a hot date,add frozen berries to it instead of ice cubes. You won't be sorry. This is how I pull all of the ladies, it's a sure thing."
Rich says: "You know that horrible moment when you're drinking your pump bottle on the loser cruiser and a wee bit goes down the wrong tube? You try to stop coughing, but you can't, right? My Mum always used to shout at me, 'put your hands above your head'. I swear it works! All you need to decide is whether you look like less of a tit coughing or holding your hands above your head on the bus."

Pixelpaint Winter Weekend Playlist

We love music at Pixelpaint. Listening to tunes all day as we lovingly create your canvas is a massive part of our culture.  So we've decided to share some of our favourite tracks to brighten your day.

This playlist goes perfectly with a lazy afternoon, the weekend papers and a hot cup of coffee whilst chilling at home. Click here to listen to our weekend playlist. We hope you like it!


The Pixelpaint Crew

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Branding and Feedback Survey Results

We recently surveyed a portion of our database to get some feedback on our brand direction and to see how you guys felt we are doing at the moment.  Here is what you came back to us with:

Brand Direction:

We wanted to know what was important to you and see if someone could come up with a tag line or short phrase for Pixel Paint in this competition.  You guys are very creative and the general vibe was that our canvases make you feel happy and smile.  Out of all the entries, we felt that Lani Leiataua nailed it when she said:

"Pixelpaint - Put a smile on your wall."

We're continuing to work on the brand and you'll see the results in a few months once we've tied a few other parts of the puzzle together.

As for general feedback, we were stoked to see the comments you made.  We honestly had lumps in our throats to see what a difference and impact we had made to your lives!  Here is a summary:

Things You Love

  • Great Quality - Much better than competitors, colour reproduction is great, and general good vibes.
  • Communication - Reprint notifications and our newsletters seem to go down well
  • Service - Fast and helpful responses to questions or issues
  • Tone of voice and humour - you love our down to earth style
  • Us!
Things We Could Improve On
  • Occasional inconsistent delivery speed
  • Add image proofs so you can see what the whole canvas will look like including some sort of size comparison of how it might look in the home
  • Add an image resizing and retouching service
  • Make it easier to understand image size requirements
  • More sizes around photo based ratios e.g. 16 x 9 or 3 x 1
  • Add more image effects and some sort of collage/montage creation tool
  • Ability to split one image across multiple canvases
  • Add a fragile sticker/print to the boxes
  • Do more competitions and draws
  • Add more edge options, like full image (gallery) wrap
  • Make it easier to colour match
  • Stamp our business details on back of the canvas
  • Add canvas care instructions in the box
Thanks for all your honest feedback which we are taking on board and working through.  We love you guys!

Monday, April 15, 2013

We Turned Two!

The Pixelpaint crew celebrated it's 2nd Birthday last Thursday and we found ourselves getting kind of emotional. It wasn't just because we were sipping on the good stuff out of plastic champagne flutes or because the cake was so tasty, it was because we've actually come a really (really really) long way in the past two years, and it's been a wild ride.

We wanted to share a bit of our story, because we're proud of ourselves and we couldn't have done it without all of you! Massive shout out to all of our customers and friends for your support, help and encouragement over the past couple of years.

Not many people know this, but when Pixelpaint started we didn't even have our own office space. In fact, we didn't have our own phone line, workshop, or even our own Internet connection. We were a laptop on a desk in the middle of someone else's office, with a single printer and a lot of enthusiasm.

We used to laminate our canvases by hand, and hang them up in an old commercial meat freezer to dry. We had to hand write all of the addresses on each package and write down every tracking number. We sold over a thousand canvases with our first Treat Me promotion, so as you can probably imagine, things got out of hand pretty quickly. We were challenged daily to change, grow and improve our systems in order to process the amount of orders we were receiving which seemed to be growing at a phenomenal rate. Back then it was hard to imagine that we would ever be where we are now!

We currently occupy our own entire building, which we renovated and decorated DIY style ourselves. We have a workshop, an office, our own bathroom and even our own beer fridge. We've implemented some awesome systems in our workshop to streamline production, and we've automated a lot of our processes to make everything run like clockwork. We also actively practise lean manufacturing and KANBAN, both are working for us like a dream.

We thought it was important to celebrate our progress like rock stars, so obviously we ate sushi and cupcakes followed by an afternoon of video games at the Game Masters Exhibition at Te Papa (which was amazing, go along if you can!). It was magical. At the end of the day we sat around and did what we do what we do best (apart from creating beautiful canvas from your amazing images), we drank some beers and toasted to the last two years. Here are some photos from our Birthday party, check us out!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Canvas Inspiration: Close Ups!

All too often we fail to notice the beauty in the details right in front of us. Most of us lead pretty busy lives and it's easy to rush through your day without appreciating cheesy stuff like your girlfriends dimples or how cool it looks when you add a few drops of milk to black coffee. Don't miss out! A great way to slow down, and get up close and personal is through the lens of your camera.

Here are some cool examples and a few tips to get you started!

Four tips for better close up photography:

1. Scope the area out while looking through your lens. Test out some different angles, get creative! Take your time.
2. Use a cushion or beanbag to lie on so you can get really really low without being really really uncomfortable.
3. Try to get your hands on a right angle lens, this will allow you to get closer to the subject without having to squash your face into it.
4. Put some diffusing material over the flash to get better lighting. Most cameras with a flash don't work well with close ups! You could use some white cloth or paper.

Good luck and happy shooting!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pixelpaint Gives Back

We've recently teamed up with Volunteer Wellington and we got out first project a few weeks ago! Our assignment was to graffiti proof the new mural at Naeae Clubhouse so we put on some sexy painting overalls and got to work! 

Naenae Clubhouse is a community centre where local youth can go to get involved with all sorts of cool stuff like 3D design, crafts, sound recording, video production and graphic design. We were really feeling their vibe so we made a few stencils for their music room door, and our resident artist Nayte freehanded a stereo to set it off.

Volunteer Wellington is super approachable and easy to get involved with so if you have any spare time and you want to get involved with community projects like this, get in touch with them! Hit up their website here:

Here are some snapshot's of our day volunteering:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wellington Walk2work Day - Pixelpaint

Today was Walk2work day in Wellington and the Pixelpaint crew were up bright and (hideously) early to make the 10km trek from the city to Pixelpaint HQ in Shelly Bay. Walk2work day is an initiative started by Living Streets Aotearoa in an effort to encourage people to leave their cars at home and cut back on pollution. We fully support the cause and we had a blast, not to mention we got some good exercise in and a tasty breakfast at the end of it, thanks boss! Check out our snapshots of the walk below and get your workplace  involved. 

Our 10km route

Sunrise over Oriental Bay

Emma and Kyle representing

Starting the mission up Shelly Bay Rd

Nearly there!